2 May 2013 Lecture: Dani Rodrik, Professor of Social Science at Princeton

Professor Dani Rodrik: Public Lecture on Globalisation

Professor Rodrik will give a public lecture entitled 'The Globalisation Paradox,' focusing on what he calls the political trilemma of the global economy - how democracy, national sovereignty and hyper-globalisation are mutually incompatible, illustrating his arguments with examples from Europe and other parts of the world. He believes that it is only possible to have two of the three.

He will explain how globalisation has played a key part in some of the astounding economic successes of our time – such as China’s economic rise – but that it is also implicated in rising inequality in many countries and painful financial crises. His lecture will explore how, in light of its weak institutional foundations, the extent to which globalisation can advance remains very much in question.

Professor Rodrik is the Sanjaya Lall Visiting Professor of Business and Development in association with Oxford University's Green Templeton College and the Social Sciences Division. He is also the Rafik Hariri Professor of Political Economy at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government.

  • Professor Rodrik has published numerous articles on globalisation and economics, and in the past was an editor of 'Review of Economics and Statistics'. His most recent book is 'The Globalisation Paradox,' published in 2011. He has been the recipient of presitigious awards for his work, including the Albert O. Hirschman Prize from the Social Science Research Council in 2007, and has given lectures to universities and organisations around the world. He received a Ph.D in Economics and a Master in Public Affairs from Princeton University, and an AB in Government and Economics from Harvard College.
Thursday, May 2, 2013 - 17:00
St John's College, Oxford