GEG at World Economic Forum Meeting

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GEG members recently attended the 2017 World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting of Global Future Councils, held in Dubai.

Tom Hale, GEG Senior Researcher, spoke on innovative governance strategies to deliver the Sustainable Development Goals. He also presented the Forum’s Global Governance “Transformation Map,” which he curates.

Emily Jones, GEG Director, participated in discussions on trade and investment. She spoke of the need to address the widespread frustration citizens in the way the economy is governed, emphasising the need to address social and economic inequalities, including by improving the quality of work and addressing low pay in OECD countries and strengthening international tax cooperation.

Ngaire Woods, GEG’s founder, moderated a discussion on ‘Towards a shared narrative about the future,’ considering how topics as diverse as brain scanning, technology governance, and social media are reshaping the world. You can watch the discussion here.