GLF Maria A Gwynn invited to Itaipú Binational Dam working group

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Global Leaders Fellow Maria Antonia Gwynn, currently a fellow at Princeton’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, joined the international working group hosted by Duke University last April where Duke University energy and engineer researchers are studying the impact of Itaipú Binational Dam, which generates about 80 percent of Paraguay's energy, and 20 percent of Brazil's. The treaty that governs the dam will be renegotiated in 2023, bringing up issues around energy pricing and distribution.

Dr. Gwynn gave expert comments on the upcoming renegotiation of the Itaipú Treaty which entails the use of clean energy and issues concerning social and economic development for states. She further commented on its relevance not only for the signatories countries, Brazil and Paraguay, but also for the South American region and the international community. "The Itaipú treaty renegotiation in 2023 will be a tipping point for the sustainable development of Paraguay." she noted. The event was set to be the commencement of institutional and academic collaboration aimed at synthesizing information on the topic and drafting preliminary recommendations for Paraguay.