Which Brexit After the UK Elections?

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In September 2017 the Dublin City University's Brexit Institute hosted it's inaugural event, which focused on “Which Brexit After the UK Elections?” The workshop examined the implications of the recent UK parliamentary elections on Brexit’s prospects, and assessed the advancement of the negotiations between the EU and UK during the summer. GEG's Director Dr Emily Jones spoke in a panel on Rethinking Brexit: the Future of Europe. Her talk analysed the UK government’s approach to the Brexit negotiations, assessing the UK’s strengths and weaknesses, and exploring the impact of rifts within the UK Cabinet.

In addition to Dr Jones, the event featured the participation of other academics working in the field, including Kenneth Armstrong (University of Cambridge), Iain Begg (London School of Economics), along with leading policy-makers, including Thomas Beukers (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands), Ana Gouveia (Ministry of Finance of Portugal), Rory Montgomery (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ireland), and Kristien Michoel (Legal Service of the Council of the EU).