Dr Maria Gwynn, GLF 2016-18


Dr Maria A. Gwynn’s research concerns the intersection of international law and international relations. She explores international treaties, the different forms of sovereignty costs derived from them and how they can be diminished. She analyses legal and political factors in asymmetrical international negotiations; she is currently investigating the renegotiation of a hydro-electrical energy treaty (the Itaipu treaty) in the South American region as a case study.

Dr. Gwynn further researches in the area of international investments and compares the different strategies of states facing the challenges of investment treaties and investor-state disputes. She also focuses on the analytical concept of structural power derived from modified structuralism and its current applications in international relations.   

She holds an LLB (Honours) from the National University of Asuncion; postgraduate international practice diplomas in International Arbitration and Mergers and Acquisition by the College of Law of England and Wales and the International Bar Association; a Magister Juris from the University of Oxford, UK, with specialization in international dispute settlement, corporate finance, contracts and constitutional theory, and a Doctorate (DPhil) from Bergische Universtitaet Wuppertal, Germany.

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Publications and Work in Progress

“Towards the Renegotiation of the Itaipu Treaty” (Working Paper, 2017).

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“Unveiling the Grand Strategy of Emerging Countries” (Submitted)

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