Power, knowledge and the politics of gender in the Global South

Alice J. Kang
Global South scholars are missing from European and US journals. What can be done about it
How to Eat an Elephant: a new ‘Corporate’ climate litigation trend
Kicking away the financial ladder? German development banking under economic globalisation

Critical feminists have argued that research on women and gender is not sufficiently 'global' in its representation of scholars and perspectives. We draw on these works to argue that the scholarship on women, gender and politics does not sufficiently consider the effects of the global order in the Global South. We propose the adoption of a 'global lens' to address this gap. We further examine the representation of South-based scholars by analysing leading women, gender and politics journals, and find that they are severely under-represented as authors. We propose steps to address this underrepresentation and to decolonise the scholarship.

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