GEG fosters research on trade governance from the perspective of developing countries and the goal of sustainable development.

Our work on trade focuses on three issue areas:

  1. The governance of the World Trade Organisation
  2. The ability of small states to maneuver and influence international trade negotiations
  3. The implications of regional and bilateral trade agreements for the governance of global trade
What should UK Trade Policy Look Like Post-Brexit?
Which Brexit After the UK Elections?
negotiation How do you negotiate effectively from a position of weakness?   African governments negotiate a wide variety of international deals, from trade agreements to agreements with individual investors. On 15 September Emily Jones joined three other experts to run a training session for Oxford Policy Fellows and government representatives from several African countries including Ghana, Namibia, Rwanda, Zanzibar and Djibouti. Emily shared insights from her work with trade negotiators from developing cou
Emily Jones runs training session for Oxford Policy Fellows and government officials
Dr. Maria A. Gwynn talks in negotiation training workshop
GLF Maria Gwynn at UNCITRAL
Making Trade Work for Development
GEG WP 2017/135 China and Brazil’s Infrastructure Initiatives and the Role of Regional Counterparts
Dr Maria Gwynn, GLF 2016-18
Working papers
FTA puzzle image
GEG WP 2017/133 Labour Provisions in the US and EU FTAs: A Two-Level Games Perspective
Dr Nghia Trong Pham, GLF 2015-17
Working papers
Will TPP's Death Kill Labor Rights Reform in Vietnam?
Dr Nghia Trong Pham, GLF 2015-17
Woman working in a textiles factory
Making UK Trade Work for Development Post-Brexit
Associate Professor Emily Jones, Director
GEG WP 2017/124 Trade and Labour Rights: The Case of the TPP
Dr Nghia Trong Pham, GLF 2015-17
Working papers
GEG WP 2016/113 20 Years of Debate on Environment, Trade and Sustainable Development at the WTO: A Literature Review (1995-2015)
Dr Carolyn Deere Birkbeck, Senior Researcher
Working papers
Globalisation: Undermining or Enhancing Labour Standards?
Is China Really Reshaping Global Order?
GEG International Political Economy Workshop
Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP): What’s at Stake and What Does it Mean for the Global Trading System?
The Past and Future of Arbitration in the World Economy: Joint Book Launch and Discussion
"Suffer what they must?" Small states in international negotiations