Is China Really Reshaping Global Order?

Friday October 14th 2016
Blavatnik School of Government, Lecture Theatre 2

The United States and China are the two post powerful states in the world and they decisively shape global governance. With the transition away from American 'unipolarity' and growing Chinese capabilities we have entered a new moment when the international order is agian open for shaping and reshaping. We have seen contests between the United States and China as they vie for influence in the international arena. China has championed reforms in existing institutions, including the World Bank and IMF, and it has created the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. Meanwhile the United States has championed the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, pre-emptive move to stop China setting global trade rules.

This seminar brings together three experts to discuss and debate contestation between the U.S. and China in key issue areas including financial governance, cyber security, humanitarian intervention, and climate change. What are the sources of contestation? What will the future hold? To what extent will the United States and China clash, compete, and cooperate over the rules and institutions of global governance? Will a 'grand bargain’ emerge and, if so, what will be the drivers, and what will it look like?

Associate Professor Emily Jones


  • Professor Rosemary Foot, Emeritus Fellow at St Antony's College, Oxford and Research Associate at the Oxford China Centre
  • Dr Chen Zheng, Global Leaders Fellow, University College, Oxford


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