Designing a global platform for climate actions

Friday July 25th 2014

Countries are aiming to agree an ambitious and effective climate deal by 2015, though success is far from assured. At the same time, there has been a surge of actions at the sub- and non-state levels, as cities, regions, companies, and other groups forge ahead without a “global deal.” These actions have enormous potential to supplement and help catalyze the next climate agreement.

A number of observers, countries, and organizations have called for more comprehensive tracking of these “bottom up” actions via an international clearinghouse of some kind. But what goals might a global platform achieve, how can it be designed to achieve those goals, and what entities should operate the platform? What is the relationship between bottom up action and the larger climate regime, and particularly the UN process?

Attendance by invitation only.


This event is being co-organized by the Natural Resources Defense Council, with the generous support from the Peter Elworthy grant programme.