GEG International Political Economy Workshop

Thursday March 31st 2016

Workshop Conveners (in alphabetical order)

  • Dr. Thomas Hale (GEG Senior Research and Associate Professor, Blavatnik School of Government)
  • Dr. Emily Jones (GEG Deputy Director and Associate Professor, Blavatnik School of Government)
  • Dr. Noel Johnston (Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Blavatnik School of Government)

This workshop provides a node for research in international political economy (IPE) at the University of Oxford. It is held at the Blavatnik School of Government, and organized by the Global Economic Governance Programme. It seeks out exploratory and ambitious working papers, with the goal of accelerating the work to publication, whether as an academic article, book proposal, or policy report. Each participant is expected to read the full manuscript and come prepared to discuss, constructively, the paper, following a brief background by the author. Authors are encouraged to respond freely, push back if compelled, but collect as many comments as they can from the group. The goal is to be a safe, constructive, but serious environment for early work, delivering a high marginal impact to the theory, empirics, and framing of the paper. The workshop targets early career researchers, across social science fields and methodological approaches (as long as related to IPE), but may also include later stage doctoral candidates and more senior professors. Papers in this workshop now appear in top academic journals and book presses.

Membership is by invitation only (to keep the group to a maximum of 12 at any meeting) but if your work fits and would like to participate, please contact us ( See below for past and upcoming papers.


Workshop Papers

9 March 2016
Aid and Afghanistan: "Aid Dependency and Budget Transparency: Lessons from Afghanistan" Nemat Bizhan 
2 March 2016
Foreign Investment and Dispute Settlement: "Who Needs Rules? Explaining Participation in the International Investment Regime" Taylor St. John and Noel Johnston
24 February 2016
International Monetary Fund: "Who Governs the IMF" Alexander Kentikelenis
Chair: Zainab Usman
17 February 2016
Health and Development: “Starting the clock: a conceptual framework for allocation of development assistance for health in the short and long run” Stefan Thewissen, Olivier Sterck and Max Roser
Chair: Catherine Laporte-Oshiro 
10 February 2016
Public Opinion and Democratic Institutions: "Publius vs Brutus in a Global Age:Comparing Distributions of Citizens’ Policy Preferences at National and Global Levels" Thomas Hale and Mathias Koenig-Archibugi
Chair: Noel Johnston

30 November 2015
International Banking Regulations: “Market pressures, networks, or ‘fit’? Explaining the adoption of Basel standards by non-members” Emily Jones and Alexandra Zeitz
16 November 2015
Agriculture Policy: “Urban Unrest, Food Policy and Regime Type: A Global Analysis” Henry Thomson
9 March 2015
Public Opinion towards Foreign Investment: “FDI, Global Attitudes and the Fallacy of Composition” Ida Bastiaens, Faisal Ahmed and Noel Johnston
2 March 2015
Investment Dispute Settlement: “The Origins of Advance Consent” Taylor St. John
2 February 2015
Global Environment: “The Study and Practice of Global Environmental Politics: Policy Influence through Participation” Jessica F. Green and Thomas Hale
26 January 2015
International Treaties: “Cooperation by treaty: ratification decisions and the multilateral powers” Karolina Milewicz and Duncan Snidal

1 December 2014
Political Risk and Democracy: “Expropriation, Punishment and the Democratic Curse” Noel Johnston
17 November 2014
Agriculture and Democracy: “Food and Power: Agricultural Policy under Democracy and Dictatorship” Henry Thomson
10 November 2014
Evolution of Investment Dispute Settlement: “The Power of Modest Multilateralism: Explaining ICSID's Creation and Development” Taylor St. John
3 November 2014
Aid and Development: "A new politics of aid? A study of power in donor-recipient relations in Ghana in the context of a changing political economy of development assistance" Alexandra Zeitz
3 November 2014
Ambassadors and Investment Disputes: "Commercial Diplomacy and Investment Dispute Settlement: New evidence from US ambassadorial vacancies" Geoffrey Gertz
20 October 2014
International Finance and Banking: “Finance and Inclusive Growth in LICs: The Impact of Global Banking Regulation” Emily Jones
20 October 2014
International Law and Central Banks: “The legal framework for the social accountability of central banks: a case study”Camilla Villard Duran 
13 October 2014
Health and Development: “Personalities and Public Sector Performance: Evidence from a Health Experiment in Pakistan” Ali Hasanain
13 October 2014
Occupations and International Trade: “Occupation and the Political Economy of Trade: Job routineness, offshorability and protectionist sentiment” Noel Johnston and Erica Owen
17 June 2014
International Capital: “How Presidents Follow the Call of International Capital” Christian Arnold
Chair: Tu Anh Vu Thanh
10 June 2014
Intellectual Property and Development: “Fixing WIPO’s disoriented governance debate: The case for a clearer, revised reform agenda” and “WIPO’s Development Cooperation and the Development Agenda: How Institutional and Governance Factors Impede Greater Development-Orientation” Carolyn Deere Birkbeck
Chair: Jolyon Ford
3 June 2014
Preferential Trade Agreements: “Trade’s Trojan Horses: How Powerful States Use PTAs to Leverage Non-Trade Objectives” Claire Peacock, James Hollway, Karolina Milewicz, and Duncan Snidal
Chair: Geoff Gertz
27 May 2014
Occupations and International Trade: “Labor Mobility and the Politics of Openness Reconsidered: the Implications of Occupational Mobility for Trade Cleavages” Noel Johnston and Erica Owen
Chair: Karolina Milewicz
20 May 2014
International Treaties: “The politics of ‘rushing to sign:’ Treaty commitment and ties that bind” Manfred Elsig and Karolina Milewicz
Chair: Faisal Ahmed
13 May 2014
Policy Brief Workshop: “Policy Briefs and Op-Ed Writing” Ngaire Woods
29 April 2014
International Commercial Law: “Explaining institutional variation through politics and law” (Chapter 2 of book manuscript “Between Interests and Law”) Thomas Hale
Chair: Noel Johnston
22 April 2014
Foreign Investment Dispute Settlement: “Political Risk and Realpolitik: Politics for the Compensation of Expropriation” Noel Johnston
Chair: Taylor St. John
18 March 2014
Contract Negotiation Oversight: “Too Little, Too Late? International Oversight of Contract Negotiations in Post-Conflict Liberia” Jolyon Ford and Kyla Tienhaara
18 March 2014
WTO and Vietnam: “WTO Accession and the political economy of state-owned enterprise reform in Vietnam” Tu Anh Vu Thanh
11 March 2014
Political Violence: “Geopolitics and the Aiding of Political Violence” Faisal Ahmed
11 March 2014
Attitudes towards the European Union: “Are Europeans ready for a more democratic European Union? New evidence on preference heterogeneity, polarization, and crosscutting-ness” Thomas Hale and Mathias Koenig-Archibugi
4 March 2014
Property Rights and Human Rights: “How Stealing from Foreigners Affects Domestic Human Rights” Noel Johnston
18 February 2014
International Capital: “The Perils of International Capital” Faisal Ahmed
11 February 2014
Government Procurement: “Home bias in government expenditure: A gravity approach” Lorenzo Rotunno
4 February 2014
Investment Treaties: “An Illustration: The United States-Pakistan BIT Negotiations” Lauge Poulson, Jason Yackee, and Jonathan Bonnitcha
28 January 2014
Intellectual Property and Development: “WIPO’s Development Cooperation and the Development Agenda: Explaining Weak Progress on Greater Development-Orientation” Carolyn Deere Birkbeck

2 December 2013
Bonds: “In-Bond Diversion”Lorenzo Rotunno and Pierre-Louis Vézina
2 December 2013
WTO and Vietnam: ”WTO and the Political Economy of SOE Reform in Vietnam” Tu Anh Vu Thanh
26 November 2013
Investment Treaties and the World Bank: “The US Bilateral Investment Treaty Program and ICSID” Taylor St. John
26 November 2013
Property Rights and Investment Treaties: “How BITs Affect International Property Rights” Noel Johnston
19 November 2013
International Investment Regime: “The Regime Complex for International Investment”Geoff Gertz
12 November 2013
Climate Governance: “How Do Domestic Politics Condition Sub- and Non-State Actors’ Participation in Transnational Climate Governance?”Thomas Hale, Liliana Andanova, and Charles Roger
5 November 2013
Trade and Development: “The Weak vs. The Strong: Politics of Trade Negotiations between the African, Caribbean and Pacific group of countries and the EU” (book proposal), Emily Jones
15 October 2013
Political Risk and Foreign Investment: “War, Seizure, and Dark Saturday Nights” (book outline), Noel Johnston