Dr Bo Qu, GLF 2008-10


“The GLF Programme opened me up to a new research field: the relationship between China and global economic governance. I presented my preliminary research findings at the Annual GLF Colloquium and at a conference on ‘China, Europe and Global Governance’ hosted by the European Economic and Social Committee in Brussels. I am now an Associate Professor at China Foreign Affairs University, where I continue the research I began at Oxford and Princeton. My suggestion for the next GLFs is to use their time effectively, as they may find it difficult to have time to conduct research with such excellent oversight after the programme.”

Dr Bo Qu is an Associate Professor and Deputy Director of the Institute of International Studies, China Foreign Affairs University (CFAU). His current research focuses on China and global financial regulation, G20, and the relationship between China and global economic governance. Other interests include Asian monetary cooperation, the political economy of China’s foreign economic policies, and China and global economic governance. 

Dr Qu holds a PhD in Politics from Peking University. He conducted his post-doctoral research as a GLF in Oxford and Princeton, and was a Visiting Researcher at the Center for International Trade and Security at the University of Georgia, USA, in 2008.

Select Publications

“Dynamic Engagement: China’s Participation in International Monetary Institutions” in Jan Wouters, et al,China, the EU and Global Governance, (forthcoming)
Study of East Asian Financial Crisis: Domestic Politics and the Choice of Foreign Exchange Rate Arrangements, Shanghai: Shanghai People’s Publishing House, (forthcoming), (Chinese)
“Common Language and Subfield Formation”, World Economics and Politics, (forthcoming), (Chinese)
“US Export Control Policies towards China and Sino-US Trade Imbalance,” in Zhu Liquan, et al., Arms Control and Sino-US Relations, (forthcoming)
“Negotiation Strategies of the United States and the European Union on Uruguay Round” in Cases of Economic Diplomacy, Liaoning: Liaoning People’s publishing House, 2011
“China and Global Economic Governance after the 2008 Financial Crisis,” Foreign Affairs Review, No.6, 2010 (Chinese)
“Cooperation Problem, Power Structure, Governance Dilemma and International Institutions,” World Economics and Politics, No.10, 2010, (Chinese)
“Causal Mechanism and Process-tracing Method”, World Economics and Politics, No.4, 2010, (Chinese)
“Arms Control, Non-proliferation, and Export Control,” in Wang Fan, eds., International Security Studies, Beijing: World Knowledge Publishing House, 2010

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