Dr George Gray Molina, GLF 2008-10


“The GLF Programme was a wonderful catalyst to re-think development issues from a global perspective and take steps to design more relevant policy research. I had worked for years in the United Nations and Bolivian government, but never had a chance to think about Bolivia from a global point of view until I arrived at the GLF Programme. During my time at Oxford and Princeton I focused my research on ‘pockets of growth’ in low income economies. I’m happy to say I recently established a policy think-tank on this topic – called Instituto Alternativo – based in Bolivia, which kicked off in January 2011.”

Dr George Gray Molina is the Chief Economist for the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Latin America and the Caribbean region. Prior to this appointment, he served as the coordinator of the Human Development Report at UNDP in Bolivia, Director of the Unit for Social and Economic Policy Analysis (UDAPE) at the Bolivian Ministry of the Treasury and Economic Development, and Director of the Catholic University’s Public Policy Masters Programme.

In 2011, Dr Molina launched a new public policy think tank in Bolivia’s Andean region – the Instituto Alternativo – with eleven academic colleagues and development practitioners. The think tank was launched on 3 May in La Paz with a keynote lecture by the distinguished Argentine economist Nora Lustig. The institute is currently focused on three research policy issues: pockets of growth in low-productivity and low-investment economies; low-carbon growth in high-biodiversity regions; and poverty and inequality research intended to track policy trends in Andean countries.

George is also active in building networks across the Andes. He is a founding member of a new public opinion network, VOX-LACEA; co-editor of the Latin American Report on State Capabilities with the UNDP-Latin America; and has been honoured as the youngest member of the Bolivian Academy of Economics. He has also founded an Intelligence Unit with a group of young Bolivian economists associated with Nueva Economia, a popular economics newspaper.

Before joining the GLF Programme, George was the coordinator of the Human Development Report at UNDP in Bolivia, director of the Bolivian government’s Unit for Economic Policy Analysis (UDAPE), and director of the Catholic University’s Public Policy Masters Programme. He has also served as a partner with Oxford’s Centre for Research on Inequality, Ethnicity and Human Security (CRISE) and as a member of the Inter-American Dialogue in Washington DC.

Dr Molina has a D.Phil from the University of Oxford (Politics), an MPP from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government (Public Policy), and a BA from Cornell University (Economics and Anthropology).


Select Publications

George Gray Molina  2011 (in process), “Bolivian Commitment to Equity: Poverty and Inequality Review”, in Nora Lustig, Commitment to Equity Project, New Orleans: Tulane University.

George Gray Molina 2011, “Adaptive Growth in Low Growth Economies”, Induction Paper for the Bolivian Academy of Economics (Academia Boliviana de Ciencias Economicas), La Paz – Bolivia.

George Gray Molina 2011, “Bolivian Political Economy Before and After Evo Morales”, chapter for Michael Shifter and Jorge Dominguez, Constructing Governance in Latin America, Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press.

George Gray Molina 2011, “The Other Revolution in Bolivia”, ReVista, Harvard Review of Latin America, David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies, Harvard University.

George Gray Molina 2011, “The New Left and Slow, Cumulative Change in Bolivia”, Working Paper, Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars, Washington, DC: Woodrow Wilson Center.

George Gray Molina 2010, “Human Development Trends since 1970: A Story of Social Convergence”, Human Development Paper No. 2, HDR Office, New York: UNDP.

George Gray Molina 2010, “The Other Revolution: The Politics of Slow Change in Bolivia” CRISE Working Paper, Oxford: University of Oxford.

George Gray Molina 2010, “The Challenge of Progressive Change in Bolivia under Evo Morales”, in Raul Madrid, Kurt Weyland and Wendy Hunter, (editors), Leftist Government in Latin America: Successes and Shortcomings, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

George Gray Molina 2010, “Global Governance Exit: The Case of Bolivia”, paper prepared for the Woodrow Wilson of Public and International Affairs, Princeton University.

George Gray Molina 2010, “Governing Pockets of Growth”, paper prepared for the Global Economic Governance Programme, University College, University of Oxford.

George Gray Molina 2009, with Ernesto Yanez, “Inequality Dynamics in the Best of Times, Bolivia 1997-2007”, paper prepared for volume edited by Nora Lustig and Luis Felipe Lopez Calva, UNDP: New York.

George Gray Molina 2009,  with Ernesto Yanez, “The Moving Middle: Migration, Place Premiums and Human Development in Bolivia”, paper prepared for the UNDP 2009 Human Development Report Office, New York.

George Gray Molina 2009, “US-Bolivia Relations: Test Case for Change”, in Abraham Lowenthal, Laurence Whitehead and Ted Piccone, The Obama Administration: Agenda for the Americas, Washington, DC: The Brookings Institution.

George Gray Molina 2008, “Bolivia’s Long and Winding Road”, Working Paper for the Inter-American Dialogue: Washington, DC.

George Gray Molina 2008 (editor), La otra frontera: usos alternativos de recursos naturales en Bolivia, Informe temático de desarrollo humano  en Bolivia. La Paz. PNUD. 

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