Katharina Obermeier, Research Officer


Katharina Obermeier is a research Officer at the Global Economic Governance Programme. She recently graduated from the MPhil International Relations programme at the University of Oxford, where her MPhil thesis explored the implications of sovereign debt crises for perceptions of sovereignty and legitimacy. Her broader research interests include the politics of international finance, the role of institutions in global governance, and regional integration.

Katharina has previously worked for Terre des hommes in Moldova, Gateway House, a Mumbai-based think tank, and an international trade association in Brussels. She received her BA in International Relations from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada.

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GEG WP 2016/121 “Countries Don’t Go Bankrupt”: Sovereign Debt Crises and Perceptions of Sovereignty in an Era of Globalisation
Katharina Obermeier, Research Officer
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