Dr Luara Ferracioli, GLF 2011-13


“I am absolutely thrilled to be part of the Global Leaders Fellowship Programme. This is a unique opportunity for me to work with inspiring and innovative thinkers from all parts of the world at two world-class universities. I am also excited by the prospect of devising creative and feasible solutions to the problems associated with skilled migration from developing countries. Moreover, the skills that I will gain from this programme will enable me to be heard where it matters the most: by policy makers, fellow academics and progressive members of civil society.”

Luara Ferracioli was born in 1984 in Brazil. She completed a Bachelor Degree in International Relations in 2006, at the Universidade Curitiba. In 2007, she completed a Master in Arts at the University of Melbourne, Australia. She completed her PhD at the Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics, at the Australian National University in August 2011. Her research interests include gender, migration, multiculturalism and distributive justice. Her PhD thesis proposes a new model of migration that attends to the vulnerability of persons living in failed states. Most recently, she has also coordinated two national advocacy projects for the YWCA of Australia. In her post-doc she will focus on the brain drain of skilled workers and on the role of remittances in tackling global poverty. 


Select Publications


Forthcoming: "Immigration, Self-Determination and the Brain Drain," Review of International Studies.

Forthcoming: "Primum Nocere: The Medical Brain Drain and the Duty to Stay," with Pablo de Lora, in Journal of Medicine & Philosophy.

Forthcoming: “Educating for Autonomy: Liberalism and Autonomy in the Capabilities Approach,” with Rosa Terlazzo, in Ethical Theory and Moral Practice.

The Appeal and Danger of a New Refugee Convention” Social Theory and Practice 40 (2014), pp. 123-144.

Challenging the Burka Ban”, in Journal of Intercultural Studies 34 (2013) pp. 91–103.

Report - “Young Women in Low Paid Employment: Issues and Experiences within the Context of the “Fair Work’ Agenda” – Commissioned by the Office for Women, Commonwealth Government, Co-Authored with Dr Angela Barns.


Review Essays

Forthcoming: “Young on Responsibility and Structural Injustice" with Christian Barry, in Criminal Justice Ethics.

Morality in Migration: A Review Essay,” in Global Justice Theory Practice Rhetoric 5 (2012), pp. 110-119.

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