Can catalytic climate action work?

Pile of empty plastics bottles in netting
Strenghtening international cooperation to tackle plastic pollution: options for the WTO
Plastic waste on a beach
Here's how the WTO can help address plastic pollution
Shipping containers
We need better alignment between climate and trade. Here's a roadmap

What can we understand about changes in the international climate regime, and what do they mean for other areas of world politics? What wider lessons for governance can we can draw from the Paris Agreement?

A panel discussion with:

  • Dr Thomas Hale, Associate Professor in Global Public Policy, Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford
  • Dr Bronwyn Hayward, Associate Professor, University of Canterbury
  • Dr Angel Hsu, Assistant Professor of Social Sciences, Yale-NUS College

In an increasingly unstable global political climate, governments around the world face greater challenges than ever. Blavatnik School of Government's 2018 Challenges of Government Conference looked at the 'Future of Government', analysing how technological changes, new kinds of politics, and different approaches to addressing inequality can be harnessed for the public good.

The Challenges of Government Conference is the Blavatnik School's annual flagship event, which brings together the brightest minds in government, the private sector and academia to discuss policies, strategies and solutions to the world’s public policy challenges.