2017-18 Global Leaders Fellows

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We are delighted to introduce the new cohort of Oxford-Princeton Global Leaders Fellows (GLFs). The GLFs, selected from an extremely competitive field, demonstrated particular potential to produce cutting-edge academic research which contributes to enhancing the value of global economic institutions to the people of developing countries.

Our new GLFs are: Dr Folashadé Soule-Kohndou from Bénin, Dr Biniam Bedasso from Ethiopia, and Dr Maria Gwynn from Paraguay. 

  • Folashadé is researching the strategies of West African governments towards China in negotiations over major infrastructure projects, challenge the prevailing wisdom in international relations that bureaucracies and governments of ‘weak’ countries exert minimal influence when they negotiate with ‘strong’ countries.
  • Biniam is exploring the causes and consequences of weak state capacity in Africa in the context of a partially globalized and volatile world. His work will contribute to evidence-based policymaking on state capacity building, and will enhance the role of global institutions in helping build capable states.
  • Maria explores international treaties, the different forms of sovereignty costs derived from them and how they can be diminished; legal and political factors in asymmetrical international negotiations; and different strategies of states facing the challenges of investment treaties and investor-state disputes.

We are excited to welcome them into the programme, and look forward to seeing their research develop over the year.