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COVID-19 and Africa: Leading African policymakers reflect on the pandemic

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As countries across Africa begin to relax their restrictions in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, with the number of new daily confirmed cases overall decreasing since August, African policymakers have an opportunity to reflect on how the COVID-19 crisis has reshaped the options and pathways for Africa’s development.

Folashadé Soulé-Kohndou, Senior Research Associate at the Global Economic Governance Programme and a Visiting Fellow at the Blavatnik School of Government, has conducted a series of interviews with African and Africa-based economists and policymakers, exploring their views on the pandemic’s impact across a range of issues – from the need to diversify the economy and shift towards a green transition, to a call for governments to reflect further on the gendered impacts of COVID-19. The interviews provide perspectives from across the worlds of policy, business and academia – upcoming articles will feature interviews with Dr Vera Songwe (United Nations Economic Commission for Africa) and Mossadeck Bally (the Founder and CEO of Azalaï, a leading hotel chain in West Africa).

The interviews, co-directed with Camilla Toulmin, were carried out for the Commission on Growth and Economic Transformation, hosted by the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET).

Read the articles on the INET website.