GEG at the Challenges of Government Conference

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GEG was well represented at the Blavatnik School’s 3rd annual “Challenges of Government” conference, held in Oxford on 9-10 December. GEG Director Ngaire Woods, Senior Researcher Tom Hale, and Research Associate Lauge Poulsen all took part, alongside other presenters including Kosovo President Atifete Jahjaga, Professor Paul Collier, and former UK Minister of State for Trade and Investment Stephen Green.
The conference was organised around the theme “People Power Politics”, exploring the rising phenomenon of people power and how it is influencing the way governments respond to and engage with their citizens. Issues discussed included development strategies for the stewardship of natural resources, youth activism and citizen empowerment, the recovery from the financial crisis and the future of finance, and how governments can tailor and better deliver public services.
Read more about the conference on the Blavatnik School’s website.