GEG Hosts Chile’s Central Bank Governor at 2014 Annual Lecture

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Emerging economies, Latin America in particular, face turbulent times. Inflation is rising and growth slowing as these markets are hit by shifts in Chinese demand for natural resources, the threat of a ‘triple-dip’ European recession and a ‘taper tantrum’ as capital flows out of these markets and into the United States with the Fed set to raise interest rates.

Some economies appear to be weathering this storm better than others. What is the role of monetary policy in this context? How can emerging economies respond to the benefits and challenges of new global finance? 

On 14 October 2014, GEG was honoured to host Dr. Rodrigo Vergara, Governor of the Central Bank of Chile, who gave GEG’s Annual Lecture. Governor Vergara gave participants a frank and informative insight into these questions, looking at Chile’s economic trajectory and commenting on the role of monetary policy in supporting inclusive growth.

Photos from the event can be found here.