GEG Investment Research Presented at International Workshop in Bonn

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This week, members of GEG’s research team working on international investment are traveling to Bonn, Germany to present their work at the Political Economy of International Investment Agreements conference hosted by the German Development Institute and the World Trade Institute. In light of recent criticisms of, and evolutions in, the international investment regime, the workshop seeks to bring together economists, lawyers, and political scientists who apply empirical methods in political economy to understand the effects of investment treaties and governments’ shifting policies toward them.

GEG Senior Researcher Taylor St John will present her paper The Origins of Advance Consent, which analyzes the role technocratic influence played in the development and spread of advance consent clauses granting investors access to investor-state arbitration. GEG Senior Research Associate Lauge Poulsen will present research co-authored with GEG Research Associate Geoffrey Gertz and Srividya Jandhyala on whether international investment agreements reduce the use of diplomatic pressure in investment disputes, as is often claimed.

The full program can be viewed here.