GEG policy brief featured at T20 discussions

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The Think20, or T20, is the research and policy advice network for the G20. Throughout 2019, the T20 will convene in Japan to address pressing global challenges and deliver more inclusive, sustainable growth.

Task Force 2 is focused on international financial architecture for stability and development/crypto-assets and fintech. The group will will review the T20’s aspirations and achievements during the past decades with respect to the design and improvement of the international financial architecture. As a result of this review, the Task Force will identify and recommend new priorities for policy action. As a part of their work, The T20 have selected one of GEG's policy briefs to help steer their decision-making, Mind the gap: Making Basel standards work for developing countries.

The policy brief was one output from the three-year project which focused on how developing countries navigate global banking standards. It explores why, in today’s world of globalised finance, regulators cannot simply ignore international standards, even if they are ill-suited to their regulatory environment. It proposes ways that the international policy community can move from a minimalist ‘do no harm’ approach, to actively designing international standards that are genuinely useful for low and lower-middle income countries and support financial sector development.