GEG Proposals Discussed At The World Intellectual Property Organization

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GEG’s Carolyn Deere Birkbeck and Santiago Roca authored an Independent External Review of WIPO’s Development Assistance on Intellectual Property. The report has spurred debate among member states and reflection from the WIPO Secretariat, and some of its key recommendations are being taken up.

The Independent External Review was commissioned by the WIPO Secretariat at the request of Member States and examines the orientation, relevance, coordination, management and impact of WIPO’s activities in the area of cooperation for development. Submitted in September 2011, WIPO Members established an ad hoc working group to discuss the report’s findings and recommendations. The Secretariat issued a formal Management Response, and this was discussed, together with the Review report, in May.  Although formal consideration of the report is continuing, several of its recommendations are already being implemented.

For press coverage of the report and related policy debate, see here, here, here, and here.