GEG at WTO Public Forum 2007

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On October 4, the Global Trade Governance Project co-hosted a roundtable with the at the WTO Public Forum in Geneva. The  roundtable opened the ‘Governance’ theme of the Public Forum in the WTO’s main Conference Room. The topic of the session was: ‘A Governance Audit of the WTO: Roundtable Discussion on Making Global Trade work for Development’.

The GEG session was one of several events on developing countries and the governance of trade.

Dr. Deere and Mayur Patel each also presented in a two-part panel event co-organized by the South Centre and the Research and Information System for Developing Countries (RIS). The South Centre’s event reporting service, the South FACE, covered the events.

Dr. Deere also presented a talk on fisheries, trade and sustainable development at a session entitled ‘Natural Resources, Sustainable Development and Trade: New Instruments to Promote Sustainable Development Through Trade Agreements’, hosted by the Centre for International Sustainable Development Law.