GEG's Peter Knaack at the Alliance for Financial Inclusion

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GEG researcher Peter Knaack presented the results of our flagship project "Navigating Global Banking Standards" at a conference of the Alliance for Financial Inclusion (AFI) in Siem Reap, Cambodia in April 2018. The Alliance brings together central bankers from over 90 developing countries with the aim of fostering financial inclusion. Proportional implementation of global banking standards to suit the needs of developing countries is an important means to achieve this goal.

Our three year research project, which combines quantitative research using data from 100 countries, and in-depth case studies of 11 jurisdictions, is reaching completion soon. Peter's presentation at AFI was one among many occasions where the GEG team will reach out to policymakers throughout 2018. Principal Investigator Emily Jones and her team members will disseminate research results and engage stakeholders in the important discussion of how to optimise policy space for developing countries as they navigate the world of global banking standards.