GLF Fellow Zheng Chen Delivered a Lecture at LSE

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On 28 February, Global Leaders Fellow Dr. Zheng Chen delivered a lecture at the London School of Economic and Political Science (LSE) on the current development of international relations theory studies in China. Hosted by Professor Christopher R Hughes, the current head of the Department of International Relations at LSE, the lecture attracted a number of students, along with Professor Barry Buzan.

During his lecture, Dr. Chen explained the rise and retreat of theory fever in Chinese IR studies from a new framework of academic market and career incentive. After examining works of three established professors and three emerging scholars, he suggested that understanding Chinese IR theory studies presents a unique lens to investigate China’s social and intellectual transformation in past decades and ‘how China will be a world power'. Dr Chen also argued that to make Chinese School(s) a truly global component of IR, Chinese scholars have to think beyond China.​

Dr. Chen also had chance to engage in discussion with Professor Buzan and others on China’s possible contribution of new ideas for global governance.