GLF Lisa Benjamin at Women's Energy and Climate Law Network (WECLN)

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Global Leaders Fellow Lisa Benjamin attended the launch of the Women's Energy and Climate Law Network (WECLN). The launch, held at Melbourne Law School on Friday 8 Dec, 2017, was attended by women living and working in Australia, the United States, United Kingdom, the Philippines, the Caribbean, and India, who work on various aspects of energy and climate law at the local, regional, national, and international scales. WECLN was established by Jacqueline Peel (Professor, Melbourne Law School) and Hari Osofksy (Dean, Penn State Law and School of International Affairs) to create a virtual community of female energy/climate law scholars and practitioners to share research, provide mentoring support, and give voice to women’s perspectives on energy/climate law issues. 

Lisa Benjamin was part of the lead panel discussion with Dean Hari Osofsky (Penn State Law and School of International Affairs) and Lavanya Rajamani (Professor, Centre for Policy Research, New Delhi) on the Paris Agreement and the future of international climate law. Lisa contributed to the panel discussion with the perspectives of vulnerable countries on the Paris Agreement and the outcomes of COP 23. A recording of this panel discussion is available here.