GLF Peace Medie Awarded Book Manuscript Completion Grant

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Global Leaders Fellow, Dr. Peace A. Medie has been awarded a Book Manuscript Completion Grant from the Social Science Research Council’s African Peacebuilding Network. The $10,000 grant will support the completion of her book manuscript, ‘Global Norms and Local Action: The Campaigns to End Violence against Women in Africa’. This project is one of the first studies of the implementation of global gender-based violence norms in Africa. Dr. Medie compares how Cote d’Ivoire and Liberia have addressed rape and intimate partner violence at the policy, institutional, and street-levels. She demonstrates the roles of the United Nations and nongovernmental organizations in norm implementation and explains how they are constrained by the local political and socioeconomic conditions.

Dr. Medie has published on norm implementation in African Affairs and Politics & Gender.

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