GLF, Pichamon Yeophantong, presents at the Salzburg Global Seminar

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All members of human society need to participate in a meaningful way if we are to govern our societies in a sustainable manner. This is the message Global Leader Fellow Pichamon Yeophantong brought to the Salzburg Global Seminar conference ‘A Climate for Change: New Thinking on Governance for Sustainability‘, which took place from 23-27 June 2013 in Salzburg, Austria. In her presentation Pichamon spoke about tackling barriers to citizen participation and engagement, focusing on the serious challenges that communities and grassroots organisations face when they try to influence government policy, particularly in developing Asia. While governments are the key actors responsible for delivering sustainable change, communities and other local actors play an exceedingly important role as intermediaries of such change, as they work to translate global and national discourses on sustainable development into action on the ground. An excerpt of Pichamon’s talk can be viewed here.