Global Leaders Fellow Camila Duran Presents Paper at Conference on Monetary Stability in Latin America

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Last month, Global Leaders Fellow Camila Villard Duran presented her research on the impact of central bank power at the Third Seminar of Legal Counsel from Central Banks and Multilateral Institutions of Latin America. The conference, entitled 'Change in paradigms in legal risk management in financial institutions following the 2008 financial crisis', was held in Bogota, Colombia on 24-25 September.

Camila presented her recently published working paper on the international lender of last resort for emerging countries, which examines how central bank power is changing the international monetary system after the 2008 crisis. She showed how emerging countries are playing an important role in this change towards more regional and bilateral arrangements, thereby avoiding the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and other multilateral institutions. The paper was published by GEG in July, and can be downloaded from our Publications pages at the link below:

The International Lender of Last Resort for Emerging Countries: A Bilateral Currency Swap?

The seminar was organized by the Latin American Reserve Fund, the FLAR (Fondo Latinoamericano de Reservas), and the Development Bank of Latin America, the CAF (Banco de Desarollo de América Latina).