Have Global Banks Made the “Great Escape” from New Regulation?

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GEG teamed up with the Blavatnik School of Government during its recent Challenges of Government Conference to run sessions on globalization and finance.  In the panel on financial regulation, notable public figures discussed the state of regulatory reform: have central bankers developed standards that allow large banks to fail without threatening the financial system? Why are these standards not being implemented?

In the session on development banks, an eminent panel asked: what roles do such banks serve and how can they perform those roles better?  Does success for a development bank mean reaching a point of economic progress so the development bank can withdraw in favor of private financial institutions?

These questions and related issues drive the Globalization and Finance Project, a joint initiative between the Blavatnik School and GEG.   Summaries of the two sessions by G&F Lead Research Fellow Rahul Prabhakar are here: Regulation in Financial Centres and Reinventing Development Banks for Growth? Videos from the conference are available here.