LICs navigating banking regulation: early research presentation

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On 20 May, GEG Deputy Director Emily Jones presented at an Overseas Development Institute (ODI) panel on financial sector development and growth. Six weeks into a DFID-ESRC-funded project on how low income countries (LICs) navigate global banking standards, Dr Jones shared early hypotheses and initial findings with researchers working on finance and development. 

Fellow panelists Professor Stephany Griffith-Jones and Dr Svetlana Andrianova are also each recipients of the DFID-ESRC Growth Research Programme (DEGRP) grants, and shared findings of their research on domestic financial regulation and inclusive growth in LICs, and financial development and pro-poor growth in Africa, respectively. 

To see Dr Jones' presentation and catch an early preview of the research on LICs and banking standards, see the video (1:46 to 1:57).