New climate leadership - state and non-state drivers of worldwide ambition

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As part of the Global Climate Action Summit 2008-10 Global Leaders Fellow Arunabha Ghosh and Visiting Scholar Angel Hsu spoke on leadership in the climate regime.

The climate regime requires leadership in a variety of areas, from actors willing to enhance the scope of ambition on emissions mitigation to those willing to provide climate finance for mitigation and adaptation. Leadership is needed in other domains including the review mechanisms of mitigation efforts to the development of rules and processes for reporting emissions. This includes action by governments such as China, India, and the European Union, and intergovernmental fora like the G20, but also by sub-national actors such as the U.S. state of California; local actors in developing countries; and non-state actors in civil society and the private sector. 

Arunabha discussed India’s efforts to extend energy access to all and dramatically scale-up renewables. Angel discussed China’s effort to reduce its emissions of greenhouse gases, and play a more forward leadership role on climate finance and other areas.

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