Tom Hale at Global Climate Action Summit

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Associate Professor Tom Hale recently spoke at two affiliate events as part of the Global Climate Action Summit.

The first was "Latin American non-state actors: Raising the ambition", an interactive session set up to discuss climate action being taken in Latin America. Non-State Actors (NSA) in Latin America and the Caribbean have much to say to achieve a resilient and zero carbon future and in many ways they are already taking big steps to cope with climate change challenges.

You can watch the full session below (in Spanish & English), with Tom's panel beginning at 2:10:00.

Tom also spoke on challenges in the Global South on during a second panel on "Assessing the impact of tangible climate action of states, regions, cities, businesses and investors and its future potential". Panels featured mayors, premiers, and business representatives that discussed implementation of climate plans, and how they can strengthen their ambition, along with highlights from publications released around GCAS on aggregate climate and their impact, ways to advance new methodologies for calculating these contributions, key challenges in advancing recognition and accountability and finally, a discussion on what more needs to be done to scale action