Visiting Scholar Wei Huang at T20

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The Think20 (T20) is a network of research institutes and think tanks from the G20 countries. The T20 provides research-based policy advice to the G20, facilitates interaction among its members and the policy community, and communicates with the broader public about issues of global importance. The T20 develops policy recommendations within nine thematic Task Forces (TFs), which are published as Policy Briefs.
The T20 digital economy TF is one of the nine TFs, and is following four directions in 2017: 
  1. Dealing with cyber crime against financial institutions and infrastructure
  2. Blockchain technology's future implications and consequences
  3. Bridging the digital divide
    • Skills for the New Digital Age
    • Digital infrastructure
  4. Digitalization's potential for women's empowerment in Africa (with W20)

Visiting scholar Wei Huang participated in the T20 digital economy TF roundtable as a discussant on Jan 23-24 2017. However, she was critical about the emphasis on security issues, instead of focusing on policies for how the G20 could make better use of new technoogy to boost the global economy, or deal with pressing economic issues.