Dr Biniam Bedasso, GLF 2016-18


Biniam Bedasso is a political economist with diverse interests in the economics, politics and institutions of African countries. Biniam was a Robert S. McNamara fellow of the World Bank as well as a Young African Professionals fellow of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa. Biniam received a PhD in Public Policy from Maastricht University in 2013. 

“I wish to use the time, space and good company that will be available to me as a Global Leaders Fellow to work on the link between state capacity and globalization in Africa. Specifically, my research aims to explore the causes and consequences of weak state capacity in Africa in the context of a partially globalized and volatile world. While I am at Oxford and Princeton, I aspire to complete a book consisting of theoretical, statistical and historical analysis of state capacity building and global governance in Africa. As someone with a passion for bridging research and policy, I would like my research to contribute to evidence-based policymaking on state capacity building and to enhance the role of global institutions in helping build capable states.” 



Workshop on the politics of economic policymaking in African countries
The Ethiopian developmental state: a view from the inside
2017-18 Global Leaders Fellows
GLF Biniam Bedasso awarded Africa Author Prize
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Dr Biniam Bedasso, GLF 2016-18
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Dr Biniam Bedasso, GLF 2016-18
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Dr Biniam Bedasso, GLF 2016-18
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