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Senior Researcher

Dr Thomas Hale’s research explores how we can manage transnational problems effectively and fairly. He seeks to explain how political institutions evolve--or not--to face the challenges raised by globalization and interdependence, with a particular emphasis on environmental and economic issues. He holds a PhD in Politics from Princeton University, a masters degree in Global Politics from the London School of Economics, and an AB in public policy from Princeton’s Woodrow Wilson School. A US national, Hale has studied and worked in Argentina, China, and Europe. His books include Between Interests and Law: The Politics of Transnational Commercial Disputes (Cambridge 2015), Transnational Climate Change Governance (Cambridge 2014), and Gridlock: Why Global Cooperation Is Failing when We Need It Most (Polity 2013).


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Recent publications

with Jeffry Colgan and Jessica Green. 'Asset Revaluation and the Existential Politics of Climate Change.' International Organization. Forthcoming. Pre-print available.

with Kuramochi et al. 'Beyond national climate action: the impact of region, city, and business commitments on global greenhouse gas emissions.' Climate Policy, Vol 20, No. 3 (2020) pp. 275-291.

'Cooperation is key to fighting a pandemic – that's why I helped create a global coronavirus tracker', The Independent, 13 March 2020

with Carolyn Deere-Birkbeck and Emily Jones, 'To Advance Trade and Climate Goals, "Global Britain" Must Link Them', Chatham House Expert Commentary, 19 March 2020

'Five tough questions to ask about reaching net zero climate targets', The Independent, 13 March 2020

'UK and Holyrood must unite to lead the way on climate', The Times (Scotland), 10 February 2020

'Transnational Actors and Transnational Governance in Environmental Politics,' Annual Review of Political Science, Vol 23, 2020.

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Belt and Road Decision-Making in China and Recipient Countries: How and To What Extent Does Sustainability Matter?
Associate Professor Tom Hale
Beyond national climate action: the impact of region, city, and business commitments on global greenhouse gas emissions
Associate Professor Tom Hale
Journal articles
To advance trade and climate goals, 'Global Britain' must link them
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Associate Professor Tom Hale
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Associate Professor Tom Hale
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