Tackling the global climate crisis can be successful if public and private sector actions are stepped up

With Sander Chan (DIE), Jacopo Bencini (DIE), Lukas Edbauer (DIE), Imogen Jacques (DIE), Arturo Salazar (DIE), Tim Cholibois (Oxford University), Debora Leao Andreade Gouveia (Oxford University), Jose Maria Valenzuela (Oxford University)
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The UNFCCC recently released two milestone publications which highlight that success in tackling the global climate crisis can be achieved if both public and private sector actions are intensively stepped up. The Talanoa Dialogue's Synthesis Report and the Yearbook for Global Climate Action 2018 were published just two weeks before governments gather for the global climate summit in Poland (COP 24), where they are set to complete the implementation guidelines for the Paris Agreement. A finalised Paris Agreement Work Programme has the potential to unleash practical actions from the global climate community in line with a 1.5˚C pathway.

Chapter 2 of The Yearbook for Global Climate Action 2018 was principally based on analysis from the Strengthening Non-state Climate Action in the Global South (ClimateSouth) project. Led by Thomas Hale and Sander Chan, the chapter describes the scale and scope of action happening, and builds on the 2017 Yearbook to examine progress in four areas:

  • Closing the gap in action to meet the Paris Agreement goals
  • Spreading action globally
  • Financing the transition
  • Making action more transparent

In each area, progress is analysed based on data from a wide selection of commitments and initiatives, and is illustrated through examples of action on the ground.

The ClimateSouth team was also involved in submitting inputs to the Talanoa Dialogue, and their work has been included as part of the synthesis report.