GEG’s work in global health governance fosters research and debate into how the global health system can better serve the needs of people in developing countries.

Our research focuses on two issues:

  1. The governance of international organisations in health, including the World Health Organization, the World Bank, and the newer health initiatives
  2. The politics of health financing and health programmes in developing countries and the role of international donor organisations
Carolyn Deere Birkbeck in Lancet Viewpoint on trade and investment agreements, and health inequities
Call for Evidence on International Trade and Public Health: GEG contributes to Independent Panel on Global Governance for Health
GEG’s Carolyn Deere Birkbeck Appointed to Panel on Global Governance for Health, focusing on international trade and public health
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Dr Devi Sridhar, Senior Research Associate
Working papers
Why FCTC policies have not been implemented in China: domestic dynamics and tobacco governance
Dr Jiyong Jin, GLF 2011-13
Journal articles
Overseeing Global Health
Dr Devi Sridhar, Senior Research Associate
Global rules for global health: why we need an independent, impartial WHO (BMJ 2014)
Dr Devi Sridhar, Senior Research Associate
Journal articles
Global health and the Law (The New England Journal of Medicine, 2014)
Dr Devi Sridhar, Senior Research Associate
Journal articles
Trojan Multilateralism: Global Cooperation in Health (Global Policy 4(4), 2013, pp 325–335)
Journal articles
Ending Violence Against Women in Africa: Progress and Challenges
GEG International Political Economy Workshop
9 May 2008 Special Lecture: Hon. Professor David Mwakyusa, Minister of Health and Social Welfare, Tanzania