Dr Folashadé Soule-Kohndou

Senior Research Associate, GLF 2017-18 (Bénin)

Dr Folashadé Soule-Kohndou obtained her PhD (summa cum laude) in International Relations in 2014 at Sciences Po. She is a lecturer in Political Science and International Relations and a research associate at the Center of Sociology and Political studies (CESPO) at the University of Abomey-Calavi (UAC) in Benin. In 2015, she was a post-doctoral fellow at the Department of Politics and International Relations, of the London School of Economics. She is the academic coordinator of the joint teaching and research initiative on “Revisiting African Agency in Global Politics” co-led by the London School of Economics, CERI - Sciences Po Paris, and the University of Cape Town.

During the Global Leaders Fellowship, her research project will examine in a comparative way the strategies of two West African governments - Benin and Togo - towards China in negotiations over major infrastructure projects. It aims to challenge the prevailing wisdom in international relations that bureaucracies and governments of ‘weak’ countries exert minimal influence when they negotiate with ‘strong’ countries such as China, and will add precious empirical and theoretical knowledge to a small but growing body of research on small developing countries in asymmetric negotiations.


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Dr Folashadé Soule-Kohndou
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Dr Folashadé Soule-Kohndou
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