Navigating Global Banking Standards

News and publications relating to our flagship research project: Navigating Global Banking Standards

Ghana grapples with international banking standards
Emily Jones presents research at the Bank for International Settlements, Switzerland
Emily Jones presents research at the Community of African Banking Supervisors, Egypt
GEG policy brief featured at T20 discussions
Emily Jones presents at the Bank of England
T20 Summit participants discuss GEG research
GEG at African Studies Association UK Conference
Emily Jones speaks at the 2018 AFI Global Policy Forum
New project website now live: Developing countries navigating global banking standards
Indian policymakers engage with GEG flagship research project
Peter Knaack presents to the IMF
GEG's Peter Knaack at the Alliance for Financial Inclusion
Peter Knaack presents research in China
Emily Jones on Financial Regulation in the Periphery of the World Economy
Money in different currencies
New paper from Emily Jones and Alexa Zeitz
Presenting GEG Research at African Economic Research Conference
Low income countries navigating global banking standards
The Political Economy of Bank Regulation in Developing Countries: Risk and Reputation
Associate Professor Emily Jones
GEG WP 2019/141 Financial convergence in the financial periphery: How interdependence shapes regulators’ decisions
Associate Professor Emily Jones
Working papers
Global Financial Regulation: Shortcomings and Reform Options
Associate Professor Emily Jones
Journal articles
Peer pressure in banking supervision: Making Basel accords work for developing countries
Associate Professor Emily Jones
Basel standards and developing countries: A difficult relationship
Emily Jones, Principal Investigator
Room to manoeuvre: How developing countries can tailor Basel standards
Associate Professor Emily Jones
Policy briefs
Finance in Africa: Banks, debt, and development
Project Workshop: Low income countries navigating global banking standards