Core research


Jones, Emily (ed.) (2019). The Political Economy of Bank Regulation in Developing Countries: Risk and Reputation. Oxford University Press. Forthcoming in print: March 2020 with chapters by Behuria, P., Dafe, F., Engebretsen, R., Gray, H., Illy, O., Jones, E., Knaack, P., Naqvi, N., Ouedraogo, S., Soares de Oliveira, R., Vu-Thanh, T-A., Tran-Thi, Q-G., Upadhyaya, R., Weis, T.

Peer-reviewed articles

Emily Jones and Alexandra O. Zeitz (2019). Regulatory Convergence in the Financial Periphery: How Interdependence Shapes Regulators’ Decisions. International Studies Quarterly, 63(4), 908-922.

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Working papers

Emily Jones and Alexandra O. Zeitz (2019). Financial convergence in the financial periphery: How interdependence shapes regulators’ decisions. GEG WP 2019/141.

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Emily Jones and Peter Knaack (2017). The Future of Global Financial Regulation. GEG Working Paper 2017/127.

Policy briefs and notes

Emily Jones, Thorsten Beck, Peter Knaack (2018). Room to Manoeuvre: How Developing Countries Can Tailor Basel Standard. GEG Policy Brief.

Emily Jones, Thorsten Beck, Peter Knaack (2018). Mind the Gap: Making Basel Standards Work for Developing Countries. GEG Policy Brief.

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Thorsten Beck, Emily Jones, Peter Knaack (2018). Peer pressure in banking supervision: Making Basel accords work for developing countries. OMFIF's The Bulletin.

Related research

Natalya Naqvi (2018). State directed credit in a world of globalised finance: Developmental policy autonomy and business power in Bolivia. GEG Working Paper 2018/139.

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